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2Hers3 |4|5 Replacement Meal 代餐 (900gram)

2Hers3 |4|5 Replacement Meal 代餐 (900gram)

2hers Cocoa Nutrition Meal Replacement DrinkGreat choice for your family healthy drink. 1 tin 500g 2hers3 for just $52 free shaker3 tin for $140, free shaker and gift packsBenefits:✔ Energy Booster 提供能量✔ Promoting High Satiety 提供饱腹感✔ Slimming Effect 帮助减肥✔ Preventing Constipation 预防便秘✔ Promoting Healthy Digestive System 促进肠胃健康✔ Preventing Anemia 预防贫血✔ Accelerating Metabolism 促进新陈代谢✔ Antioxidant 抗氧化✔ Anti-Aging 抗衰老✔ Strengthen Immune System 提高免疫力✔ Facilitating Healthy Eyes 促进眼睛健康*** Products with authentic insured. 正品投保 RM1,000,000 安全认证 (Certified)

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