Ocean Moist Gel 海参芦荟凝胶

Ocean Moist Gel 海参芦荟凝胶

海洋再生之王 — 海参萃取物 有效促进细胞再生及修复受损肌 •消炎杀菌 •快速修复伤口  •补水保湿 •烫伤烧伤 •美白抗痘敏感 •止痒止血 •蚊虫叮咬 •日常护肤护理 •修复头发 

Ocean Moist Gel - by QFan'Er •100% Natural •Hormones Free •Paraben Free •For All Skin Types •A great item as First Aid Kit •Anti-bacterial •Anti-inflammatory & •Reduces swelling & Relieves pain •Promote wound healing •Suitable for minor injuries such as burns, cuts, insect bite, scrape, bruises Suitable for Everyone: •Infant, Kids, Adult, Senior Citizen, Pregnant Women •Age 0-100 •Suitable for baby s sensitive skin such as eczema, diaper rash, allergy, cradle cap Can be used from Head to Toe!


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    Crafted by Pat Hooi